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From downsizing to must-have gadgets, learn what you need to know before going full-time.

Integrating work and family in a digital lifestyle while still "making them the reason" 

Live A Life Of Impact
What Does It Mean To Live A Life Of Impact? It's hard to measure if you are living a life[...]
STOP The Victim: Innovate Your Way Out
It's all too common these days for people to play the victim. It doesn't really matter what the issue or[...]
10 Minute Parental Stress Test
The other day I was talking to my sister who recently just had her seventh child. As I was holding[...]
5 Things You Never Have To Do While RV Living
RV living has so many wonderful things about it. It has really changed my perspective on a lot of things.[...]
3 Steps To Get More Done Today
Ever have those days where you were "busy" but you feel like nothing got done? Some small less important stuff[...]
What To Do When Your Kids Aren’t Listening
There's not much more frustrating then a child thats ignoring you. And yet, as a parent it happens far to[...]

Adam & Paige Schofield

Embrace The Kids

About The Original Power Parents

Adam is a former engineering student turned full-time social media marketer. Paige lives her passion of serving and nurturing through a part-time nursing career and raising our young children. Our passion for the outdoors brought us together. As we have begun raising our children we recognize the need to not let our children become an excuse but "Make Them The Reason". The reason to get outdoors, the reason to build our careers around our family. 

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